Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Gene Pritsker says: "Samplestra" is the name I give to any prerecorded elements in my music. I see it as an orchestra of samples, since I meticulously notate everything that you hear in the electronic track, in essence making an orchestral score out of the samples. I treat these samples as found objects to write new music with, using little fragments of pre-existing music or sounds and manipulating them to my own composition. Just as if I found a stick or a rock on the street and used these as percussion instruments, I take a fragment of a human voice or a few notes from an instrument or a noise and recreate them to what I need."

Subtitled "The Electro-Acoustic Music Of Gene Pritsker", "Samplestra" combines electronic samples with classical instruments like a horn, a bassoon, or a violin. The result is fascinating.
This is contemporary classical music at its best.
I love it.

Here are some samples.
'Misfortune Has Its Uses" features Peter Krysa on violin.

'Digital Debussy - La Mer' features Kathleen Supové on piano. Performed live.

Recommended listening !

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  1. thank you for your kind words. as always i am very pleased that you enjoyed my music
    - gene