Tuesday, May 21, 2013


British-born Zappa tribute band Zappatika! passes on the bass guitar.

The message goes:
"Yes it's official, after announcing earlier in the year that Ingo"The Kid" Oosterbaan would be moving on to other pastures,ZAPPATiKA have sought high and low ,far and wide, and in a bizarre turn of events ,and after much strumming of tunes and jangling of notes, the son has become the father and the father has become the Bass player !
Joep Oosterbaan (pronounced Yoop in Dutch)  is a consummate Bassist with 25  years in the game ,and a deep,deep love of all things FZ, hence perhaps the abilities of aforementioned young FZ-tuned offspring?
"The Kid"  will play his last show with the band at Ke's forthcoming June wedding to Sven in Stockholm and then pass the rod (or bass guitar) onto his father."

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