Sunday, May 26, 2013


a message from Alan Jenkins

There's a new CD by The Deep Freeze Mice available from - a new version of their 1981 second album "Teenage Head in My Refrigerator", which hasn't been available for 22 years. This edition has vastly improved sound quality, an album's worth of bonus tracks and a twenty page booklet with hitherto unseen pictures and unread writing.

To accompany this monumental event there is also a whole new album of rare tracks from the period which you can get here for nothing:

Here is an awful review of "Teenage Head" from where some swine has the temerity to call it vacuous:

At their below average best, i.e. in a track such as I Like Digestive Biscuits In My Coffee and Esther they are a strange mix of funk post punk (probably APB being their nearest reference point) and slightly less irrelevant (and as equally less relevant) Half Man Half Biscuit. 

Although indie electronica darlings MGMT tend to name drop them as an influence in every interview they ever do, despite sounding nothing like them, it is hard to see what genuine relevance they have inasmuch that intermittently try to be funny but generally are not (although God is hilarious and guaranteed to drive god botherers who try to bother you from your door!) and try to be serious but have neither the lyrical ability or musical ability to struggle free from being vacuous. 

Perhaps being vacuous is the point…in which case they succeed with immense aplomb apart from in the albums only really genuine stand out, Vera which has a sort of lo-fi weird Ariel Pink homemade in the bedroom type feel to it.

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