Saturday, August 11, 2012


The last couple of months, The Residents have released:

  • the residents: demonic ! - the residents live in oslo
        (2012, 2cd + dvd, usa, ??)
    A 2CD / DVD set that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Demons Dance Alone tour.
  • the residents present charles bobuck: lying horse rock
        (2012, cdr, usa, ??)
    A re-release on CDR of the bonus disc that was included in the limited version of the "Coochie Brake" album.
  • the residents present charles bobuck: maxine
        (2012, download, --, --)
    Download only, this is the walk-in music that was used during the Demons Dance Alone concerts.
  • the residents present charles bobuck: god o
        (2012, cd, usa, rz)
    Originally issued as a download-only album, it got released on CD as well. It's music for a gallery opening.
  • the residents present charles bobuck: codgers on the moon
        (2012, cd, usa, rz201205)
    Presenting Charles Bobuck, composer of (and for) The Residents.
    Out on CD.

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