Saturday, January 3, 2009


a pen / ink / collage drawing by Frank Zappa
16" x 22"
signed and dated 1958
Zappa gave this drawing to Howard H. Most

from the ebay sale:
This is an original pen/ink/collage drawing done by the pop-musical icon Frank Zappa when he was a senior at Antelope Valley High school in Lancaster, S.Calif. 1957-58. It is signed and dated by Zappa on back of poster board. My father, Howard H. Most was teaching art at that high school during that time.He had Frank Zappa in one of his classes during his senior year there. This drawing/collage was a gift from Zappa to my father. It has come to me through my fathers estate/collection. Dimensions are 16"x22". Over all condition is good. Slight water stain in lower left corner, which matting/framing would cover.The piece is unframed. Very rare early Zappa visual art work ! He , of course, was not a famous pop-music-cultural icon yet !

info: brainpang


  1. Why so sure that this is a genuine "Zappa"?

  2. I don't have to be sure.
    I didn't buy it :-)

    But it comes from his old art teacher, and it's signed...
    sounds genuine...