Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Guitar player Ramon Taranco was born in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 5, he moved to Toronto, Canada, with his parents.

His guitar styles & influences range from classic rock and blues, over finger-picking nashville country to nylon string classical music and samba jazz.

“Music From The Bermuda Triangle” is Ramon Taranco’s first solo album. It got recorded in the early ninetees and presents eight fine tracks.The disc kicks off with some songs that could be described as a fine melange of south american rhythms and beautiful melodies. Let’s call it latin ‘feel-good’ music.Halfway the album, the colour changes, and the music gets a more bluesy feeling. Nice. Enjoyed it.

And now for something completely different...

Ramon Taranco’s second release is quite a different story.It’s definitely more jazz oriented than it’s predecessor.
Well, it’s not just the jazz chords that do the trick. It’s more like one gigantic puzzle of musical styles and ideas. I guess this is what certain people refer to as World Beat music.

I just love this.”The Adventures of Bo Segiova” has great dynamics, lovely tempo-changes, great guitar work, all blended into world beat pop tunes.
My favourite track is ‘Spirit of Muddy Waters’, a superb blues track. Runner-up is the six-minute title track which tells the adventures of Ramon’s grandfather.


  1. HI MY NAME IS MARCHELL JACKSON aka WHiteny marchelle one of the singers on many of the tracks on this cd. I HAD ALOT OF FUN WORKING WITH RAMONE AND IF IT WASN'T FOR "Dirty Red" I would never had the opportunity. Ramone is VER artistically particular and knows exactly what he likes but on the other hand open for new ideas. Also Check out my cd ME, MARSALIS AND MONK. -WHITNEY MARCHELLE.

  2. Ramon Taranco + His Havana Blues Revue will be playing at The Cornelia Street Cafe in The NYC Soul of the Blues Summer Festival next Friday (July 31st) from 10pm to midnight. Come out and enjoy a fabulous band in one of Greenwich Villages most eclectic venues. Great food too. Details on how to get there are posted in the Calendar Section of

    I love to explore United Mutations. I learn so much every time I visit.

    Thanks Peter for your exquisite reviews of Ramon's CDs.

    Mary, Ramon's manager