Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Belgian band Aardvark is a duo. Michel Goessens (guitar & vocals) en Werner Dumez (harmonica, vocals) bring songs in a Flemish dialect.

Their 'Blankenberge 1984' (written by Michel Goessens) mentions Zappa, "Joe's Garage" and 'Catholic Girls'. The song can be found on their "Eikels Worden Bomen" album, released in 2009.
  • aardvark: eikels worden bomen
    (2009, cd, bel, amigoes - 0101) - incl. 'blankenberge 1984', a song that mentions zappa

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  1. Aardvark ?

    Heard about them a few years ago, when they just get started. I got an audio cassette with 5 songs.
    I liked it, and still have that cassette.

    This WE I found out that they where still agroup having CD's, and I got their CD "Eikels worden bomen".

    How did they told me, it is not as before, now we go Folk.
    What a laughter, they do real blues, and as they do it in Flemish dialect, you can say Blues-Folk. Anyway, longtime I didn't discovered a blues as they bring it to me.

    In Flemish Belgium there is Roland Van Campenhout, and now there is Aardvark.

    Thanks you guys.

    Willies Fan, The Flemish from France. (Also known as Titi).