Sunday, January 25, 2009


a message from Eelco J. on the newsgroup

“Last week I had e-mail contact with Hans Bohlmeijer, the proud owner of an all-orchestral test-pressing version of Lumpy Gravy. He also has pictures of the original Capitol cover, he got them from the photographer who did the photo-shoot. And the inside cover.

He told me that he was contacted by Joe Travers who wanted to see/hear which version was on that test-pressing. There appear to exist different versions of this LG. So Hans had sent him these pictures plus a digital version of the test-pressing. This was in 2007 and he told me that the reason why we had to wait so long was that the acetate of Gypsy Air was missing. After a while he received a letter by Gail who said that the pictures and the LP were actually owned by the Zappa family trust and that he had no right to have this in his Lumpy Gravy collection. Finally he got them back thanks to Joe Travers...”

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