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Italian comic book artist and writer Stefano Tamburini has used a Zappa-like figure in some of his comics.

Stefano is also the writer of RanXerox, a comic that he made with Tanino Liberatore.
The album cover of "The Man From Utopia" shows Frank Zappa as RanXerox.

The picture below shows Stefano Tamburini - Frank Zappa - Tanino Liberatore in Rome 1982.

Stefano Tamburini's "Fuzzy Rat" comic.

The page is taken from the "Banana Meccanica" anthology, published by Coniglio Editore in 2006.

Originally, "Fuzzy Rat" appeared in :

as "Fuzzy Rat" in Combinazioni n° 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
as "Morning Glory" in Zombie International, oct/nov 1977
as "Carrara" in Stampa Alternativa, dec 1975
as "Ekonomia E Finanza" in Hot Minestrone, 1976

-- info: Luc Verbeeck

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