Thursday, May 28, 2015


the promo talk :
With the success of his Apostrophe and Roxy & Elsewhere albums, 1974 saw Frank Zappa at his commercial peak. Evidently feeling a surfeit of goodwill towards his fans, at the close of the year he prepared a personally mixed reel of live performances from the previous year for broadcast on WLIR-FM in Garden City, New York on New Year’s Eve. Not to be confused with a show he was playing the same night in Long Beach, California, this is a typically adventurous and humorous compilation, and is presented here with background notes and images.

  1. announcer's introduction
  2. zappa's introduction - aka tango chat (wayne, nj, 1973/11/11)
  3. pygmy twylyte / dummy yp (with irma coffee, location & date unknown)
  4. be-bop tang excerpt (location & date unknown)
  5. the story of dupree's paradise (nyc, 1973/11/22)
  6. yellow snow suite (sydney, australia, 1973/06/24)
  7. guitar event (lowell, 1973/11/30)
  8. be-bop tango contest (waterloo, canada, 1973/11/18)
  9. announcer's closing remarks

Scheduled for release in June. On the Keyhole record label.

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