Sunday, May 10, 2015


Jean-Pierre Jonckheere and Pierre Vervloesem had worked together previously in Itza Uchen in 1982, releasing a 7" record entitled "(They'll) Mix You Up".
They got together again in 2013 and formed Les Boucles Absurdes, releasing "Boîte A Tartines" the same year.
In fact, "Boîte A Tartines" collected a number of songs that Jean-Pierre had recorded in his Zottecrolle studio in previous years. The songs got remixed, remastered and re-tweeked by Pierre Vervloesem and got released on "Boîte A Tartines".

One year later, Les Boucles Absurdes released "Lines". Download only, presenting different versions of one composition. A beautiful set.

And now, there's "Into My Brain".
Again, Jean-Pierre Jonckheere shows his fascination for electronic and experimental music from the nineteen eighties.
11 beautiful, cinematic compositions featuring Jean-Pierre Jonckheere, Pierre Vervloesem and a select group of guests: Seesayle, Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock and Luc Van Lieshout.

Check it out !

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