Sunday, October 9, 2011


The Vargton Project unites Mats Hedberg (guitars, sitar & ebow), Morgan Ågren (drums & percussion) and Björn Jansson (vocals). Together with an impressive list of guest musicians, this metal power trio fabricated an album that you really need to hear. "ProgXprimetal" says and has it all: progressive, experimental rock music with jazz and eastern influences.
Think Zappa, think King Crimson, think Morgan Ågren.

While I was listening to the album earlier today, I noticed that it completely absorbed me. I was sitting behind the computer, had my headphones on: typing, cutting, copying and pasting. After a couple of minutes I just stopped typing and gave the music my full attention. I had no choice.

Recommended listening.

Check out the soundsamples at

And you can find more info plus details on where and how to get hold of the album at

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