Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here are a couple of pictures of constructions that were made by Don Preston. Don published these snapshots in his "Don's Store" corner in Facebook.
I think these are beautiful pieces of art & pasted them into Don's entry at the United Mutations Archives.

Don Preston says:
"This is the actual construction that I used a photo of for the CD Escape From 12/2012. The piece is 23 1/4"X 23 1/2" and weighs about 40 lbs."

Don Preston says:
"This is another construction. It is 28"X28" and weighs about 40 lbs. The piece was finished in 2008.
The Bush doll sings and dances."

Don Preston says:
"This is a smaller construction that measures 16"X81/2". It contains a circular light and weighs about 10 lbs."

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