Monday, October 10, 2011



Captain Cheesebeard and the 7 sisters of prevention.
Atelier 210
Chée de Saint Pierre, 210
1040 Etterbeek

5 Novembre 2011
20.00- 23.30

The Musicians:
Johan De Coninck: guitar and voice
Didier Demeestere: drums
Pascal Hauben: bass
Vanessa Spy 007: lead vocals
John Van SteenLandt: voice and guitar
Jonas Vanhove: alto sax
Kristof Kerremans: baritone and tenor sax
Mattias De Craene: sax
Todor Stefanov: keyboards
Bart Quartier: melodic percussion

Take 10 enthusiastic, energetic Musicians and a carefully chosen selection of Frank Zappa's greatest tracks, mix together, sit back and enjoy.

Anyone who is familiar with Frank Zappa knows that to successfully present a live rendition of his music is not a venture for the faint hearted. As well as having highly qualified musicians you need guts ambition, dedication and an unstoppable force to drive the whole endeavour.
It looks like we may have found a formula which addresses all these concerns in "Captain Cheesebeard and the 7 sisters of prevention".
A wonderful spectacle of excellent music and comedy just like Frank would have wanted.
The Captain and his Musical Allies have been taking Frank to the people since May 2006 to very favourable reviews and now they are back in Brussels to do their thing at the Atelier 210 on the 5th of November. The Concert will be filmed for an upcoming live DVD release.

The Captain Says" It has been a long time since we played at the Atelier 210, but the place has always had a great ambience, it has always been a treat to play there. This time we will be playing with an evolved line-up, over the year we have had acouple of personnel changes but we are playing very comfortably together now, we are especially excited to have Bart Quartier taking over on Vibraphone duty, he has a serious reputation and it is an honour for us that he was keen to play with us.

It is always a pleasure and a thrill to play in our home town and we are looking forward to putting on a really good performance. Now fasten your seat-belts!"

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