Monday, October 24, 2011


DZ says...

"Our fall ZPZ UK tour is swiftly approaching and along with preparing the music for the tour I have also completed a special project called Dweezil Zappa - Live "In The Moment."

It's a double CD compendium of excerpted guitar solos culled from the last 3 years on tour. I've selected performances that symbolize the musical growth I've made as a guitarist. I also wanted to emphasize the variety of tones and textures I've been working with. Not only have I been able to recreate some of my favorite FZ tones but I've stumbled onto some new guitar tones of my own. The celloesque tone bows it's way on to the scene along with some expressive delay soundscapes and extracurricular dynaflanger madness.

The mixes are from Front Of House References (FOH). Having listened to all of our FOH mixes I've found some great examples where they are well balanced and made a record out of them. There's even a track where the kick drum is quite deficient and the local crew did speak Italian, nevertheless the guitar solo was inspired and this is the only authorized recording of it. When things cannot be multitracked FOH refs become master recordings and sometimes capture amazing performances. Because of that very reason I chose to examine the FOH recordings that fit that description and make this record.

Dweezil Zappa - LIve "In The Moment" will be produced in limited numbers and will be available very soon! Cal Schenkel is working on the artwork and as soon as that is ready we will be planning to manufacture the discs and plan a release date.

Will it be ready for the UK tour? All crossable parts are crossed..."

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