Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Somewhere in 2008, J21 (who one might also know as Joseph Diaz) released "Yellow Mind : Blue Mind" as a download-only album.

"Yellow Mind : Blue Mind" is a great album with an impressive line-up.
Besides J21 on guitar, the album features a.o. Geoff Tyson, Graham Bonnet, Trey Gunn and former Zappa percussionist Ed Mann.

Heavy rock. Instrumental guitar stuff. Except for two tracks that have superb vocals by Graham Bonnet. I love it.
Ed Mann plays mallet and gongs on 'Earth Spiritual Surgery', one of the most impressive tracks on the disc.

And the good news is that the album got picked up by Voiceprint in the UK and that it got a proper CD release in 2009.

The only problem with "Yellow Mind : Blue Mind" is that you won't get it out of your head :-)

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