Monday, October 24, 2011


J21's eagerly-awaited second second album got released earlier this year. "Beyond The Holographic Veil" is another album that needs your attention. As with his previous disc, the list of guests and collaborators is very impressive.
Don Preston takes care of '21° West' and '21°East', the intro and outro of the album. Both tracks are solo synthesizer pieces.
'I Can't Remember' showcases the excellent vocals of Robert Martin; Scott Thunes plays bass on three tracks; 'The Jupiter Trilogy' features Ed Mann (percussion), Andrew Greenaway (speech) and Marco Minnemann (drums), and so on...
But it's not just the list of contributors that's impressive. There's some excellent music to be found on "Beyond The Holographic Veil".
Progressive rock with a twist, leaning heavy on the guitars & vocals.
While listening to the album title one should most certainly study the album cover and the liner notes. The album title already suggest that J21 has a different look upon the world.
Here's what the intro to the liner notes add: "Unlike normal photographs, every portion of a piece of holographic film contains all information of the whole. If a holographic plate is broken into fragments, each piece can still be used to reconstruct the entire image. Just like in a hologram we can search for the answers of the questions that the whole universe presents us in each of our atoms. We are the center and the edge of the universe at the same time."
Here's a little sample.

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