Saturday, February 5, 2011


The International Street Cannibals Ensemble (ISC) was conceived in 2005. The fine print says "The ISC are a collective of instrumentalists and singers, composers, videographers, audio technicians, dancers, puppeteers and visual artists. We are artists from everywhere, of every style and philosophy. The ISC showcase new composition and the finest of the classical repertoire - and, like true cannibals, we are no strangers to the outrageous."

On "Ballets & Solos" the ISC perform works by a number of contempory composers. Jospeh Pehrson's 'Good Time' would serve great as a movie soundtrack. Otto Luening's 'Fantasia & Dance' (for solo violin !!) is more classical inspired, while Gene Pritsker's 'A Challenge To The Dark' sounds more contemporary.
The album continues with 'Solo For Pete' by Pat Harsdish. This is a very nice solo piece for drum set. Dan Cooper's 'Dance Suite' is up next. This is my favourite piece of "Ballets & Solos" as it adds jazz elements to the classical instrumentation. Very nice.
Next up is another composition by Otto Luening, entitled 'Dance Sonata' and preformed on solo piano. I just love the sound of a solo pîano. Another very impressive piece.
The album ends with Gene Pritsker's 'Dead Souls', a beautiful melodic piece for solo classical guitar.

"Ballets & Solos" is an impressive album. It's a great selection of compositions and an excellent introduction to the works of these contemporary composers.

Here's Gene Pritsker's 'A Challange To The Dark' as performed by The International Street Cannibals Ensemble, in concert.

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