Sunday, February 20, 2011


Spanish Hall Of Fame records released Caballero Reynaldo's Zappanale concert on DVDR.
Recorded and mixed by the Zappanale video crew.
Great memories...

2010/08/14 concert "zappanale #21", bad doberan, germany

romàn garcìa: acoustic bass
marieta tamarit: vocals
santi serrano: drums & toys
luis g.: acoustic guitar & vocals

recorded and mixed by the zappanale team

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted
  • introduction
  • lumpy gravy
  • trouble every day
  • electric aunt jemima
  • dirty love
  • eat that question
  • catholic girls
  • love of my life
  • big leg emma
  • find her finer
  • he's so gay
  • crew slut
  • bobby brown
  • muffin man
  • mudd club
  • i have been in you
  • my guitar wants to kill your mama
  • in france
  • po-jama people
  • the torture never stops
  • son of orange county
  • moonchild (giles, mcdonald, lake, fripp)
  • stick together

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  1. May I point out that the correct name of the DVD is "Made in Zappan - ale21"? It does make a - hopefully funny - difference!