Monday, March 29, 2010


In 2005 & 2006, the Transparency label released an impressive number of Sun Ra Arkestra DVDs.
The list:

  • sun ra arkestra: live at the palomino
    (2005, dvd, usa, transparency)
  • sun ra arkestra: east and west berlin
    (2005, dvd, usa, tranparency)
  • sun ra: solo piano / sun ra arkestra: montreux and lugano
    (2005, dvd, usa, transparency)
  • sun ra arkestra / rufus harley quintet: washington, d.c.
    ( 2005, dvd, usa, tranparency) = split artist dvd
  • sun ra arkestra: lone star roadhouse and african street festival
    (2006, dvd, usa, transparency)
  • sun ra arkestra: live in oakland
    (2006, dvd, usa, transparency)

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  1. Peter, I have most of these and the quality is awful, but they are an interesting thing to watch, every once in a while. To me they are a collector's item and not on par with the better productions. But hey, they exist!