Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Taking inspiration from the astral space explorations of out-jazz pioneer Sun Ra, the Heliocentrics dare to tread brazenly experimental territory, all while adding deft touches of jazz, funk, and hip-hop to the mix. The group's debut, Out There, is a heady mash-up of cinematic electronica, downtempo beats, and strident free jazz textures. But this is no mere jazz/noise free-for-all, as the Heliocentrics offer musicianship in spades, showcasing stop-on-a-dime changes and cohesive grooves aplenty. Out There is recommended for intrepid sonic explorers who enjoy a little freeform-freakout with their beats."

"Led by the relentless drummer Malcolm Catto, the UK collective's objective lays quite a ways beyond what ordinary listeners know or expect. In an alternative galaxy, where the orbits of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Psychedelic, Electronic, Avante-Garde and Ethnic music all revolve around “The One” – that's where you might find The Heliocentrics. "

Named after a Sun Ra album, UK band The Heliocentrics have recently released a couple of albums.

"Fallen Angels - The Singles Collection" does indeed collect their previous singles;
"Out There" is the band's first 'real' album

And then there's the Mulatu Astatke / Heliocentrics collaborations entitled "Inspiration Information 3". Ethiopian jazz...

Intrigued? I sure am.

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