Sunday, March 14, 2010


In Facebookland, Andrew Greenaway sent a nice little message to the members of The Idiot's Little Bastards Club.
Here it is:

Burnt Broadway Sammich

Hi and Howdy Doody...who's going to Zappanale to heckle Rudi?

Guess you've been wondering about the 21 Burnt Weeny Project, right? Well, we now have the following 20 tracks:
  • Igor’s Holiday In The Little House By The Sea (Hans Annellsson)
  • Radiouverture (DOOT!)
  • The Weenie Zapp (The FrazKnapp Fusion Project)
  • Fraudulent Free Jazz Extrapolations On White Port And Lemon Deuce (Evil Dick And The Banned Members)
  • Holiday Little House (The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra)
  • Opus One (Little Garage I Used To Live In) (Nigey Lennon, with sonic cleansing by Dave McMann)
  • Fried Sausage Butty (Old Grey Mix) (DJ Goat)
  • Burnt Weenie Sandwich Remnants (John Tabacco)
  • Themes From Burnt Weeny Sandwich (The Todd Grubbs Group with ANT-BEE, Bo Smith and Tony Arnone)
  • Jimmy’s Little Dreamcatcher (Michel Delville)
  • Return of the Hunchback Duke (Whip It Out Ensemble)
  • "Take that uniform off, man!" (Black Bastard Jenkins)
  • Burning Of The Sand Witch (Lee Rosevere)
  • Pink Eazy Weeny (ZAPPATiKA)
  • Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Phaze 21 (J21)
  • Little House Mix (Richard Walshe & The Pboys)
  • Jimmy Chile (Carl, Fraz & Ed)
  • Burnt Midi Sandwich (Low Budget Research Kitchen)
  • BurEenIch (In Uniform)
  • Aybe Sea (Caballero Reynaldo)
Add to that, DJ Brunelli's monster mix of snatches from these burnt offerings (now being actively worked upon), and before August you should have a CD. Excited?

Also in August, my book on the 1988 tour should be ready. This will feature brand new insights from over half of the surviving band members, plus others closely associated with rehearsals and the tour itself. Even more excited?

I know I am.

A book about the 1988 tour? And a Burnt Zappa tribute album?
You bet I am excited.
Keep an eye on Andrew's site:

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