Sunday, March 21, 2010


from the liner notes, by Reuben Radding:
"My forming a band of my own to play nothing but Sun Ra's tunes came about for the reason that I couldn't just pick one or two of his songs to play! I hate tribute bands. I would never have wanted to ape the Sun Ra Arkestra and wear costumes and chant, and dance. It would feel exploitive and disrespectful, like wearing blackface. Besides, as Steve Lacy has said, "Musicians want to play the way they want to play." I wanted the guys to feel like they could play like themselves and not be bound to imitating the Arkestra. After all, what made (and makes) the Arkestra a great band is the collection of strong personalities.
Why shouldn't we present ours?"

The result is beautiful. Myth-Science takes a fine series of Arkestra classics and treats them as jazz standards. 'Discipline', 'Love In Outer Space', 'Kingdom Of Not', 'Springtime In Chicago', ...

I love it.
You get the familiar sounding, swinging melody lines, and some out-of-this-world improvisations on top. Just beautiful. And hard to imagine that Myth-Science can create this sound with just two saxes, an organ, drums and a double bass...

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