Sunday, March 14, 2010


        Here’s another split 10” vinyl record from Wallace Records’ PhonoMetak Series.

        Side A is reserved for avant-garde / experimental saxophone player (but also oil-painter and zen-buddhist) Gianni Gebbia. On 6 tracks, he improvises and experiments with all the sounds a saxophone can make. It’s a wild, impressive ride…

        Side B hosts Miss Massive Snowflake with three sweet short pop songs. Well, they’re not really pop songs in the commercial meaning of the word, but you’ll catch my drift.
        They’re short, funny, melodic, and do have vocals. I might as well call it pop songs.
        I like this.
        Throw in a guitar solo and you would call it zappa-esque.

        available from

        Here's a bit more from Gianni Gebbia:

        Live at Akihabara club Goodman, Tokyo / 10th Jul. 2009 / Gianni Gebbia (alto saxophone) Daysuke Takaoka (tuba) Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (drums)

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