Saturday, June 29, 2019

CHITARRE 1994 07

Nothing wrong with going through some old magazines...
Issue #100 of the Italian Chitarra magazine got published in July 1994.
There were a lot of Zappa specials after FZ's passing, but this one looks pretty impressive. Too bad I can't read Italian. Well, I can read it... I just can't understand it.
  • chitarre
    (1994/07, magazine, italy)

The july / august 1994 issue of Chitarre had FZ on the cover and included:

  • a 6 page article:"Dedicato a Frank Zappa" by Jacopo Benci
  • a 2-page transcription of 'Willie The Pimp' by Simone Sello
  • a 3-page article "Zappa Sulla Chitarra" by Gianfranco Salvatore
  • a 2-page trancription of "Treacherous Cretins' by Simone Sello
  • a 7-page article "Frank Zappa Trent'anni Di Strumenti" by Gianfranco Salvatore
  • a 3-page interview with Bunk Gardner by Jacopo Benci
  • a 2-page transcription of 'Blessed Relief' by Simone Sello
  • a 2-page piece on Steve Vai / Mauro Salvatori
  • a 3-page interview with Sandro Oliva by Jacopo Benci

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