Saturday, February 9, 2019


Formed in 2016, SEED Ensemble is a ten-piece project led by composer, arranger and alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi. Already a giant on the UK jazz scene, she is known for her work with all-female jazz septet, Nerija, and afrobeat jazz group, Kokoroko.

Combining jazz with inner-city London, West African and Caribbean influenced groove, Cassie Kinoshi’s SEED Ensemble explores a blend of genres through both original compositions and arrangements. “SEED Ensemble is my way of celebrating the vibrant and distinctive diversity that has significantly influenced what British culture has become over the centuries.

Projecting this new musical vision are some of London’s most up-and-coming young jazz musicians essential to the modern identity of British jazz including tuba player Theon Cross, trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, tenor saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael and one of London’s leading guitarists, Shirley Tetteh.

Yelfris Valdes - trumpet
Sheila Maurice-Grey - trumpet
Cassie Kinoshi - alto saxophone + compositions
Chelsea Carmichael - tenor saxophone + flute
Joe Bristow - trombone
Courtney Brown - bass trombone
Ashley Henry - keys
Tal Janes - guitar
Rio Kai - bass
Patrick Boyle - drums

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