Sunday, January 8, 2017


A fine radio show broadcast of Daniele Sepe's band performing various Zappa pieces recently turned up on DimeADozen.

Daniele Sepe Sextet performing 'Direction Zappa'

recorded in Piazza del Nuraghe, Sant'Anna Arresi, Sardinia (ITALY), on saturday September 10, 2016

Dean Bowman: vocals
Daniele Sepe: saxophones
Gio Cristiano: electric guitar
Tommy De Paola: keyboards
Davide Castigliola: bass
Hamid Drake: drums

Thanks to Survivor69 for recording and sharing and to Galeans for bringing it to the Zappateers website.

The setlist :
  • Intro degli uomini d'onore  (D.Sepe—D.Bowman—T.De Paola)  4'52
  • If six was nine  (J.Hendrix)  6'33
  • Sofa  (F.Zappa)  6'32
  • Song for Che  (C.Haden)  2'10
  • I'm the slime  (F.Zappa)  0'56
  • So it is  (D.Bowman)  6'01
  • I'm the slime (Reprise)  (F.Zappa)  1'11
  • Fables of Faubus  (C.Mingus)  6'27
  • Oh no  (F.Zappa)  9'36
  • King Kong  (F.Zappa)  1'16
  • Veronie  (D.Bowman)  5'43
  • America drinks  (F.Zappa)  8'57
  • Peaches en regalia  (F.Zappa)  8'59
  • Eat that question  (F.Zappa)  8'27
  • It's about that time  (M.Davis)  3'57
  • Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto  (E.Morricone)  2'39
  • Eat that question (Reprise)  (F.Zappa)  1'26
  • Jazz is the teacher funk is the preacher  (J.Ulmer)  15'38

-- info setlist : Danny Mathys

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