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From the Hawkwind and Related Archives :

Dave Brock and the Agents of Chaos - Armada Rock Festival Banstaple 30/07/1988

Line up:
Brock, Bainbridge, Richards, Mills, Hardey, Bannister, Copeland and Kelsall

The overachieving Dave Brock went out with members of the Hawks and Tubilah Dog in 88/89 and played some dates as AOC (sometimes referred to as 'Hawkdog'). The set consisted of a mixture of Hawks, Dog and other covers. This is a pretty decent recording and includes Zappa's 'City of Tiny Lights' and Floyds 'Lucifer Sam'. Included in the band is of course Hawk in the making Jerry Richards. The band sound a little under rehearsed, but clearly all involved are having a great time!

Many thanks to Captain Deli for the upload.

Uploaded 26/02/2010
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