Friday, January 14, 2011


A new Zappa vinyl bootleg album has been spotted: "A Very Stony Evening", a 1LP album on the Rubber Dubber label, and available in gold, red, blue, purple and multicoloured wax.

There's also a 'limited to 50 copies' 9 LP bootleg box, entitled "Optional Entertainment".
This box includes the following LPs
  • Pig music
  • The artisan acetate
  • Inter zappa overdrive
  • Hot rats at the Olympic
  • 200 motels
  • Ugly noises
  • Where’s that wino man
  • Cum together

And there's more. The following titles have been mentioned as 'coming soon':

  • "King Kong Boogie", a bootleg 2CD set (appleton & vpro picnic)
  • "Genius At Work", a bootleg 2CD set (brest & manchester)
  • "Sheik On Stage", a bootleg 2CD set (pittsburg 1980)
  • "Trance Fusion", a single bootleg CD (fillmore east june 71)
  • "Muffin Men Army", a bootleg DVD (san antonio 84 and paris 80)

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