Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Mike Keneally says:

Baked Potato Live DVD Concert Shoot Wednesday!

Quick one, mainly for West Coast residents:

First off, I wanted to again encourage anyone who can make it to the Baked Potato in LA this Wednesday (September 15) to join us for the live DVD taping of the Keneally Band/Beller Band performance - this is the same group of players (Keneally, Beller, Musallam, Peters, Travers) who did the "They're Both The Same Band" East Coast tour in May. This will be our last show for a good long while since I'll be out with Satriani solidly from October through January. Bring friends! The set of Beller tunes starts at 9:00 pm; Keneally set will probably start around 10:00 or so. Turns out we're doing 18 of my tunes, not 16 like I said last week. I had a couple of last minute additions I really want to play.

Also - San Diego residents - I got a call from Kofi Baker a couple of days ago, asking if I could help out: OHM had a headlining spot at Lestat's on September 25 as part of the Adams Ave. Street Fair, but unfortunately Chris Poland can't make the gig, so they asked if I could fill in and make it a Tribute to Cream gig. I said sure! So, we're doing an hour-long show of Cream tunes at Lestat's on Adams Ave. in San Diego, at 8:00 on Saturday, September 25.

And if all goes according to plan, Evidence of Humanity will be ready to pick up from the replicator tomorrow, and I'll be selling them at the show at the Baked Potato on Wednesday, and we'll start shipping the pre-orders this week.

That's it! Thanks everyone!


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