Friday, May 11, 2018


October 2016, Joe Higham (sax, doudouk), Roland Binet (flute, sax), Guy Segers (bass), Dirk Wachterlaer (drums), Catherine Smet (keyboards) and Michel Delville (electric guitar) joined forces at 'De Studio' in Asse, BE, for an improviational session.
The session got recorded, was edited and mixed by Guy Segers and was mastered by Pierre Verloesem.
The end result of these spontaneous compositions has just been released by the Discus record label. It's available from Bandcamp, but also on CD.

Improvised music.
I like it a lot.

We’re delighted to make this music available. You’ll know Guy Segers from his days as bass guitarist with the influential and brilliant RIO group Univers Zero, but you may not know that Guy has been a tireless creator and releaser of music – often via his own Bandcamp page – up to the present day. This new release by Eclectic Maybe Band has a great vibe and atmosphere to it. A group of highly skilled and compatible players came together in the studio under Guys’s direction and made some improvisations. Although improvised the outcome is stylistically varied. Some tracks make you think of electric Miles filtered via zeuhl, while others are freer and open ended. Really flexible and great sounding bass and drums provide an ever shifting backdrop. The guitar is angular, surprising, expressive, a real stand out performance. Flute is the main horn at the forefront, blown by the wind eerily back and forth over the tracks, with the saxes digging in occasionally. Very original use of keys here too, especially when a rather icy grand piano cuts in. These initial improvisations have been carefully restructured in post production by Guy to produce a result very much in keeping with the Discus Music spirit.

Here's the bandcamp link :

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