Friday, May 18, 2018


Looking for the latest Mörglbl release (with guitar wizard Christophe Godin), I came across "Wax'in", a project by Magma bass player Philippe Bussonnet, world music percussionist and drummer Franck Vaillant, jazz trumpet player Médéric Collignon and the aforementioned Christophe Godin.

All four musicians regularly take the stage at Le Triton, a club in Les Lilas in Paris, performing as a leader or frontman of their trio or quartet.
September 2016 was the first time they performed in the same band, as a quartet. At Le Triton. The result got recorded and released by the Le Triton record label.

Coming from different musical corners, this band offers an amazing mix of progressive rock and jazz. "Wax'in" will make you hold your breath.

Mental note to myself: next time in Paris, visit Le Triton.

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