Saturday, May 12, 2018


Spinifex presents the new SOUFIFEX project, with music inspired by Sufi traditions from around the world, at Moers Festival, Germany (19 + 20 May) and Houtfestival, Haarlem (17 June).

Try-outs at Space is the Place (De Ruimte, Amsterdam) on 17 May and Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek, Eindhoven on 18 May.
In October, Spinifex will perform SOUFIFEX at the Jazz Goes To Town Festival at Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) and on tour in Central Europe.

In 2017, Spinifex adapted two pieces and recorded them for the CD ‘Amphibian Ardour’: a Sufi traditional of Kurdish/Iranian origin, and a Qawali traditional from Pakistan. Both the Spinifex musicians and the concert audiences (and also many music journalists) liked this music so much that it was decided to create a whole project, SOUFIFEX, dedicated to music inspired by Sufi traditions. Deeply rooted in their musical approach of combining cutting-edge composed structures with free improvisation, Spinifex dives into the magic of ritually repeated patterns and concentration on the beat.

Line-up: Tobias Klein - alto saxophone, John Dikeman - tenor saxophone, Jasper Stadhouders - guitar, Gonçalo Almeida - bass, Philipp Moser - drums, special guest in Moers and Haarlem: Bart Maris - trumpet

In October, Spinifex will record the SOUFIFEX project for a new CD to be released in December 2018.

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