Thursday, May 17, 2018


Guy Segers' Bandcamp says :
Aka Moon’s fourth album confirms the group’s progress and at the same time fully realises the "Akasha" project.
Beautifully balanced with Volume 1, this second part throws us further into the Indian mood with Indian musicians.
The band are gaining confidence - you only need to listen to the microcosms that Stéphane works into the percussion; or Michel’s bassline sliding through an avalanche of information before finaly blossoming into melodies which are each stronger and yet more subtle than the one before; and then Fabrizio, like the pilot of a spaceship, sfeering the whole trip to its finale and finishing the album on the first notes of the first volume. It’s difficult not to listen to the whole of Akasha in a loop...

released May 25, 1995

- Fabrizio CASSOL (Alto Sax)
- Stéphane GALLAND (Drums)
- Raghunath SETH (Flute)
- Aneesh PRADHAN (Tablas)

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