Thursday, May 10, 2018


The United Mutations Archives present data on various bands and artists that have links to Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, The Residents and/or Frank Zappa.
Sometimes, when I'm impressed by a certain band, I just have to check them out, adding the info to the Archives when I move along. The result is that the United Mutations Archives carry a lot of extra data.
Gov't Mule falls in this category. The band has performed (and recorded) Frank Zappa tunes in concert but they're too good just to mention the one or two albums that carry 'Pygmy Twylyte'.

"Shout!" got released in 2014. It's a two-CD set. The first disc presents 11 tunes that are performed by Gov't Mule. The bonus disc has the same 11 tracks but this time with a guest musician taking care of the vocals. This is amazing. It's fun and it sounds great.

Featuring Elvis Costello, Dr.John, Ben Harper, Steve Winwood (!!), Dave Matthews,...
Check it out !

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