Saturday, March 10, 2018


I hadn't heard the Anakata Ensemble before I got "Ubique" in the mailbox.
All that I knew was that the Anakata Ensemble is an Italian quartet that included a couple of Zappa pieces on their latest album.

To be honest, "Ubique" is a superb album.
An excellent choice of musicial pieces (Ryuichi Sakomoto, Stravinsky, Debussy) next to some original compositions, performed in an exquisite way.
The same applies to the Zappa pieces: 'Run Home Slow' (!!), 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black' and 'Uncle Meat'. Love the arrangements and the performance.

Marco Silletti: guitars * Laura Rosa: flute, piccolo * Alessandra Gho: violin * Maria Grazia Reggio: guitars

Recommended !!

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