Wednesday, March 7, 2018


From the Mike Keneally newsletter:

No matter what year it is, March is always the third month. That's kind of amazing and to celebrate it, everything at the Keneally Store is one-third off for the entire month of March. This is the biggest discount ever and we hope you take advantage of this to finally grab that one album (or three) you still haven't gotten, buy a T-shirt for your considerate neighbor who smiles at you all the time, or fill your phone up with album downloads. Have at it! Use the promo code "THIRD OFF" at checkout to claim your discount.
Your March One-Third Off sale prices will show up in your shopping cart at checkout.

Reason enough for me to give (the deluxe version of) "Sluggo" another spin. What a great album. And what an amazing bonus ("Live At Mama Kind" with Mike playing FZ's 'Inca Roads' !!)

Check it out :

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