Friday, January 5, 2018


"213" sheds a light on the musical world of Paul Hubweber.
Experimental music / improvised jazz.
Housed in a beautiful cardboard booklet, one gets a CD with 18 tracks that feature Paul on trombone, on guitar, or on vocals. And maybe even on loop station(s)?

As Paul also is the mastermind of The Yellow Snow Crystals, a couple of Zappa references fit this anthology perfectly. Track number 5, 'YSCATS', or 'Yellow Snow Cats' has German lyrics over Zappa's 'Crew Slut', 'Punchin' Pigs' includes various Zappa riffs, and 'So Far' has a link to FZ's 'Sofa'.
Very nice.

This release came in a very limited run of 50 signed and numbered copies.
If you can get hold one, you really should not hesitate.
Recommended listening !!

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