Friday, January 26, 2018


This semi-official release of a radio broadcast captures the last concert of Frank Zappa's 1980 Spring tour.
July 3, 1980, live at the 'Olympiahalle' in Munich, Germany and broacast in the King Biscuit Flower Hour series.
I discovered this superb show on a Zappa bootleg vinyl album way back in the days when I hadn't heard about tape trading (long before CDR's or Zappateers...).
Stored in my memory forever. Together with the excellent "Teenage Rocking Combo" bootleg set from the Paris show of the same tour.

1980/07/03 concert munich, germany

frank zappa: guitar, vocals * ike willis: guitar, vocals * ray white: guitar, vocals * tommy mars: keyboards, vocals * arthur barrow: bass * david logeman: drums

  1. chunga's revenge
  2. mudd club
  3. the meek shall inherit nothing
  4. joe's garage
  5. a pound for a brown on the bus
  6. cosmik debris
  7. keep it greasey
  8. pick me i'm clean
  9. the illinois enema bandit
  10. you didn't try to call me
  11. ain't got no heart
  12. love of my life
  13. city of tiny lites
  14. late show interview - august 1982 (with moon zappa)
  15. late show interview - july 1983
  16. late show interview - october 1983

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  1. I recorded Frank's May 3, 1980 1st show at the Boston Music Hall from the audience. It's an excellent recording, given then technology of the day and the performance is absolutely transcendent. I would love to share this with anyone who loves this band.