Monday, October 2, 2017


Saxophone player and composer Markus Stauss' latest project is called Stauss Art Genossen. This can be translated as Art Companions, or maybe as Enjoying Art (Geniessen) or even as Companions of the Same Kind (Art)..
A nice play on words.

The original concept for Artgenossen was a trio: the Vogel Stauss Artgenossen Trio with Richard Koch, Remy Sträuli and Markus Stauss. They released an album in 2004.
Trumpet player and performance artist Richard Koch currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Drummer Remy Sträuli is from Basel, Switzerland. You should know him from previous projects with Markus Stauss, but also from the excellent Fido Plays Zappa band.

For this recent edition of Stauss Artgenossen, Markus invited bass player Damien Campion (Trank Zappa Grappa In Varèse?) and his old cohort John King ( to transform his trio into a quintet.

The result is an impressive, energetic album that got recorded live at the One Drop Studio Basel on March 24 and 25, earlier this year. It's a fine mixture of powerful jazz patterns, experimental excursions, and some firm guitar lines. I like it a lot.

"Treasure Of Light" is an excellent album. It will take you on a fine journey.

Recommended listening !!

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