Friday, October 3, 2014


Two excellent concerts took place in the weekend of September 26 and 27.
Both in Mechelen, Belgium.
The first one at the Cultuurcentrum, the second one at NONA.

The package was entitled "ZAPPAZ" and featured Flat Earth Society on Friday and the Sinister Sister ensemble on Saturday.
A tribute to the music of Frank Zappa.

I was able to catch the FES (Flat Earth Society) concert. The band played their "Terms Of Embarassment" program, featuring guitarists Pierre Vervloesem and Mauro Pawlowski.


Stefaan Blancke: trombone
Benjamin Boutreur: alto sax
Berlinde Deman: tuba & vocals
Michel Mast: tenor sax
Marc Meeuwissen: trombone
Kristof Roseeuw: double bass
Peter Vandenberghe: keyboards, piano
Luc Van Lieshout: trumpet
Bruno Vansina: baritone sax
Teun Verbruggen: drums, percussion
Peter Vermeersch: clarinet
Pierre Vervloesem: guitar
Sam Vloemans: trumpet
Tom Wouters: clarinet, vibes, vocals
special guest: Mauro Pawlowski: guitar & vocals


01 - intro
02 - Me Standard, You Poor
03 - Chrimatistikology
04 - Random Riffs  (Frank Zappa)
05 - Take Your Clothes Off  (Frank Zappa)
06 - The Previous Song
07 - Monkey Wrench
08 - Abracadabra
09 - Solitude  (Frank Zappa)
10 - City Of Tiny Lites  (Frank Zappa)
11 - Ahmad & Juan
12 - happy birthday peter vermeersch
13 - Broadway Boogie Woogie

14 - Religion (John Lydon)
15 - Fast Forward

Day two was reserved for Sinister Sister.
Unfortunately, I couldn't attend. I really like how Pieter Claus arranged and re-arranged the Zappa pieces.


Pieter Claus : vibraphone
Michel Hatzigeorgiou : electric bass
Maayan Smith : saxophone
Jan Ghesquière : guitar
Lander Gyselinck : drums


all compositions by Frank Zappa, arranged by Pieter Claus

01 - Montana / The Dog Breath Variations
02 - The Black Page
03 - Dupree's Paradise
04 - Filthy Habits
05 - I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth
06 - Alien Orifice
07 - Chunga's Revenge
08 - Sinister Footwear
09 - Inca Roads

10 - Titties 'n Beer / King Kong
11 - Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus

-- thanks to Danny and Wim !!