Friday, October 31, 2014


Aranis is touring Belgium to promote their brand-new "Made In Belgium II" release. I saw them in Sint-Niklaas on the 18th of October at the official première. I went home afterwards in a good mood and with a copy of the new album.

As the title suggests, "Made In Belgium II" is the second volume of a series in which Aranis performs the music of Belgian composers. This time around, we get treated to compositions by a.o. Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society), Jan Kuijken, Koen Van Roy (Cro Magnon), Maarten Van Ingelgem (Vlaams Radio Koor) and Pierre Chevalier (Present).
As a nice extra, Pierre Verlvoesem guests on guitar on two tracks: Walter Hus' 'La Vague' and Kurt Budé's 10-minute 'Cell Stress'. The latter one  has Pierre playing a guitar solo against the classical Aranis setting. Nice.

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