Sunday, October 5, 2014


Earlier today, I added the data for the recently released "Live From Harpo's 1980" album to the United Mutations Archives.
I had my first suprise when I noticed that the album cover looked a bit different than the one I had seen on Gonzo Records website. A different colour and a different picture of the Captain.
Is this release circulating with two different covers? Or was the below one only used for advertising?
The actual concert that is offered on this CD is quite good, but the recording from December 11, 1980 at Harpos's in Detroit has been around for quite a while. Nothing new here.
Do keep in mind however that this is an audience recording. It got taped by someone in the public. The sound isn't too impressive.

The liner notes are some sort of short biography of Don Van Vliet / Captain Beefheart. It makes one wonder who this release is aimed at? And listing the same guitar player twice in the line-up (one time as Jeff Moris Tepper and a second time as Jeff Tapir (the nickname that was given to him by Don)) is pretty sloppy.

"Live From Harpo's 1980" is for completists only.

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