Friday, October 31, 2014


Dear People of Earth,

YES!!! Thank all your ghosts for showing up! Hug all your goblins and ghouls and send them on their frabjous way! Kiss all your familiars and favorite all your pumpkins. Wish all your treaters and tricksters well. Get Down in De Dew. Celebrate the next few days - from Halloween through Day of the Dead!!! - Witchypopo! We wish all of you well and safe travels whether by broomstick or standard mode of choice.

For you we have some NEWS!:

It's too scary but true. We confirm with you now that ROXY, the Movie, has been sent off to SXSW for consideration for their Film Festival. We'll let you know if they accept it. Can you imagine? And yes of course, the 100th Release, Produced in it its Entirety by FZ, will be available to order next month on Zappa Records. And then some. Expect the Treat of a new Vaulternative Concert in your near future but that's not all the Tricks up our 2014 Sleeve.

We return now to planting our 2015 Pumpkin Seeds. Next Year we celebrate FZ's 75th anniversary of his arrival on this planet. Cross your fingers, toes, hearts and souls that the planet is still here then and none the worse for wear.

Happy FZ's Fave Holiday!!

xxx the barfies

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  1. Awesome news! Thanks for the update.