Monday, October 6, 2014


L.O.S. recently released the third volume in his "Lil' Guitar Pieces" series.
10 impressive instrumental guitar tunes.
Nice. Very nice.

Here's the message from L.O.S. that came with the album:

Free download links on demand here:
(please read what follows for a 3 albums order)

Hello everyone, I'm about to release "Lil 'guitar pieces" Vol.3 !

I'm currently creating new download links that will allow you to receive the three volumes together or separately (for those who already have the first 2 vol). Vol.3 (mp3), like the previous ones, will be free. But for the trio of albums (10 titles each), I ask this time for a small contribution of 15 € (which is therefore € 5 per album of 10 tracks or 50c per title) + € 1 for recovering the PayPal costs, so: 16 €. Apart from this basic rate, generous donors wishing to support me by a more important donation can do so by specifying me on their order the amount of their donation. The albums will then be sent as mp3 + .wav files from the original masters to allow to burn the three audio CDs.

As in previous, simply send me an email here: stating which album you want.
If you want all three, so thank you to specify the amount you want to pay (16 € or more ...).
You will receive an email from PayPal inviting you to make your payment by credit card.
If you prefer to send me a check, I will send you my address by mail return.

Thank you all for your support of my commitment to a non-formatted and free music and continuing this series of instrumental albums, fruits of many years of work ...
Thank you in advance.



ps: another way to support my work can take the form of a use of this instrumental music to illustrate a documentary, an ad... so feel free to tell those in your relationships that could be interested in the content of these albums to contact me about it !

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