Thursday, October 2, 2014


"The Complete Hamsessions" was the first release by Belgian ensemble WOFO (With Others, For Others).
The album offered 8 tracks. All original compositions by Xavier Verhelst.

This is the band's first album. It got released in 2008. In the meantime, WOFO has released two additional albums. Three if you count the excellent MySpace "Hamsessions 2012" album.

During concerts, besides original compostionsThe WOFO ensemble also performs material by the late Raymond Scott. It should give you an impression of what to expect.
  • Mattias Laga: clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Michel Mast: tenor saxophone
  • Walter Verschaeren: guitar
  • Xavier Verhelst: bass guitar
  • Tom De Wulf: drums
Here's the link to "Hamsessions 2012"
(WOFO plays the music of Raymond Scott)

And here's WOFO in concert at Ghent Jazz 2013.

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