Thursday, May 29, 2014


Thomas Stanley says :
The book is 262 pages with images by Lee Santa, Leon Collins, Michael Wilderman, Paula Stanley and Yusef Jones. The cover illustration was done by Erica Fallin and the book design by Al Morrow. The foreword was written by Greg Tate. John Szwed and Matt Shipp graciously provided back cover blurbs.

There are two appendices including the first published transcript of my October 1990 interview with Ra and several transcriptions of material held by the CAA at ESS. There's also a recommended playlist to enhance your reading pleasure.

The book is an interpretative response to Sun Ra's teachings. He talked all the time and was as amply recorded as any artist of the 20th Century. My book is an attempt to answer the question, "what would happen if a writer-scholar were to take Sun Ra as seriously as he took himself?"

The result has been, for me, one helluva ride. For you, it will hopefully be a good read and an additional tool for integrating Ra's cosmo-wisdom into your life.

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