Monday, October 7, 2013


a message from Gene Pritsker

Hi all
It's been a busy start to the season. Composers Concordance jumped into it with a great fundraiser/party at MC gallery and then immediately our first concert - at BWAC.

We have many concerts planned for the this year - including our big festival 'Timbre Tantrums' and other concerts being planned now, including a big one at the 92nd St. Y - 'Eclectic Bands/Eclectic Dance' in March.
NEXT concert is:  C&C PIANO FACTORY on Oct. 13th in partnership with Composers Collaborative inc.

On Thursday, October 10th my interview with The Brothers Balliett on WQXR's - Q2 station 
Listen at 3pm & 8PM here:!/programs/balliett/  - It was a really fun interview with Doug and Brad and I got to play a bunch of my music for them and music of my colleagues.

I will be starting work orchestrating a new Netflix series directed by the the Wachowski's (The Matrix Trilogy, Speed Racer) next month called 'Sense 8' with music by Heil, Klimek and Tykwer. My Cloud Atlas Symphony will be performed around the world by various orchestras in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, London (proms), Copenhagen, Leipzig. Sound Liberation performed a great benefit show for one of our own - Dave Gotay Fights Evil Cancer  - We have finished our new album 'Days' and will be releasing it in Jan. on Composers Concordance Records -



Composers Concordance and Composers Collaborative present 'C&C piano factory' Gene's 'Picasso's Blues' and 'Tactic II' will be performed

Ensemble Kontraste Performs my piano concerto 'Reinventions' and 2 arrangements of Frank Zappa's music in Nuremberg, Germany

CompCord Ensemble performs at the Cutting Room. Gene will have a new septet for this show featuring the poetry of Jacob Miller.

Lisa Kronsteiner (bass clarinet) Thomas Frey (bass flute) Matthias Kronsteiner (bassoon) will premiere 'Devolution' as part of their 'WE and US' concert at the 'music im arum' series in Linz, Austria
- Starting work orchestrating a new Netflix series directed by the Wachowskis next month called  'Sense 8' 
with music by Heil, Klimek and Tykwer

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