Sunday, February 1, 2009

FROGG CAFE 2009 01 26

Dear Friends,

Happy belated New Years, I hope this e-mail finds you well!

We are having a great time recording this new one and are getting towards the end of laying down all the tracks. This one is a beast to record compared to the our last studio efforts. It's going to be about 76 minutes of new music with more complex arrangements then we've ever tried to pull off before in several different progressive rock styles.

This one is with the original line-up of the band:
Nick Lieto - lead vox, trumpet, keys
Bill Ayasse - violin, mandolin, vox
Frank Camiola - guitar and chicken noises
James "sticks of fire" Guarnieri - drums and overall cuteness
Andrew Sussman - bass, cello, acoustic guitar

Plus an additional cast of thousands including John Lieto on trombone, Dennis Lippe (Foxy Moon Baby) on guitar, Steve Sussman (my old man) on clarinet, Vessela Stoyanova (Fluttr Effect and Goli) on marimba, and many more TBA.

More info soon....

Thanks in large part to you guys writing e-mails to Pandora Radio, we are now on and catalogued!

If you haven't checked out Pandora Radio you should, it's pretty cool and it's free. Now you can go on and create a Frogg Cafe station and it will play a mix of Frogg with other artists that they consider similar to us. This is going to expose our music to thousands of new listeners and we're really grateful to you for helping us get it going.

They've accepted our double live CD "The Safenzee Diaries" and now I'm working to get the rest of our music on there. When you get a chance, if you want to send a "Thanks for playing the Frogg e-mail" to and politely suggest they put on our other CDs, that would be great. You guys got on us on there in the first place, they listen to you.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Andy for Frogg Cafe

PS If you just want some straight Frogg, no chaser, the entire catalogue is available here:

Or for your live show junkies, free downloads at: (do a search for us and there are several shows on a recently added in studio jam called "The Revealing Science of Wad")

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