Wednesday, February 18, 2009


diledadafish: historical flush
(1996, cd, switzerland, yucca tree records ytrddfhf)

According to the Yucca Tree label, Diledadafish makes "contemporary Swiss folk music with the sense of dadaistic humour and the feeling of red garlic". Well, whatever one calls it, this is excellent stuff.
Is it a combination of Dilettante / Dada / Fish.
Or maybe
Richard E. "Dile / red" Deutsch (Keyboards, Computer, Sampler)
Beatrice "Dada" (Saxophon, Stimme, Lärm)
Franz "Fish" (Gitarre, Bass, Stimme, Vocoder, Pitch Shifter)

Anyway, Diledadafish's coverversion of The Residents' 'Walter Westinghouse' fits appropriatly.
Weird... Check it out...

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